25 Oct

What is Retargeting?

All About Retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing strategy aimed at users who have already visited a website. First, this strategy is deployed to attract visitors who previously found interest in a website. This approach can be more effective in generating web traffic from quality customers rather than general internet users.


Secondly, retargeting is the new marketing approach on the net to get cart abandoners to return and possibly shop this time. This internet trend is already sparking interest among SEO and online businesses with the amazing potential this approach can unlock. Retargeting is now spilling over to mobile devices after testing the process for successful conversions. A specific approach to successful sales has been unraveled through this strategy and has the potential to bring about a change in online revenues.


Why Retargeting and how?

Retargeting is done by placing retargeting pixels on either certain sections of a website or across a website. The visitors are then followed (cookied) as they visit other sites and the display banners with your ads on such sites can help get the user to revisit your website. Testing this process with a target audience can also provide insights to the visitor’s interests. When such a target user converts, it is possible to remove such users from the rest of target group. Different pixels can also be added to converted users to show other ads to such users. Controlling the sites that run your display networks is also possible giving the host website ample control to track and retarget the target audience. Various options can be deployed to retarget your visitors. SEO and Search Engine Marketing firms can provide various solutions in tracking the target audience through retargeting.



Optimizing the display ad and testing such ads for effectiveness can be a task for the SEO Company. The effectiveness of the ads displayed also need to be studied in detail. A visitor revisiting can be at different stages of buying such as just aware, evaluating or looking for promotions or discounts. Converted users also require a different set of display ads to retain their interest in existing services, promote other services offered by the website or to socialize with the website. A website can develop numerous ways to re-target the user depending on his buying stage and net footprint. This online marketing technique, therefore, requires immense thought but provides rich information with regard to user dynamics to skew the ads or promotional strategies.



The key advantage of retargeting as a strategy is the ability to target customers who has had some interest and, therefore, holds the highest possibility of conversion. Retargeting requires adequate effort, investment, and continuous optimization to achieve desirable results over a period of time benicar dosage. Banner ads also require a great copy to catch attention and spark enough interest in the user to return to a website visited previously. Continuous display ads on websites visited can also hamper existing relations with the website as “being followed” may not be a good feeling with the target audience z9jiqux. Just like the SEO approach, the retargeting process also has a gestation period and results cannot be indicated overnight.



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