25 Oct

What is Call Tracking

What Is Call Tracking?

What is call tracking? This is a system that will enable you to assign different phone numbers to specific marketing campaigns. Potential customers who will be reached by the specific strategies will call the numbers associated them, but the system will direct all of them to a central phone number or campaign for example. The system also enables you to analyze the calls and know the number of calls and duration from each of each session go to this web-site. Call tracking systems allow you to identify where your calls are coming from and what areas of your advertising are working best.

Benefits of call tracking to a business

  1. You Can Track ROI Better 

You may not know the best marketing strategy to use initially, but you will be able to access useful information from the call tracking campaign for you to know the best strategy to reach new customers moving forward. Once you invest into advertising for your tracked number you can measure the ROI easily from all of the call analytics provided. In addition, many systems allow for call recording which can present coaching opportunities and training for employees.


  1. Determining Peak Call Hours

The call tracking systems will record the period of time when the call was made. This makes it easy for you to know when people will be looking for your services so that you will put strategies in place on how to make your services available during peak hours. This will allow you to fine tune your call marketing to perform at the highest levels during these times.


  1. Help You Target Your Marketing Better

Call tracking overall will allow you to help identify your target market by effectively monitoring each call, measuring the ROI and determining the peak hours of interest.


  1. Helps in Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Internet Operations

You can also easily add call tracking numbers to landing pages to help identify the best pages for calls and traffic on the internet. This will enable you to make adjustments to achieve more traffic online. If you offer several services, you will be able to also split test which designs generate more calls than others.


  1. Helps Refine Your SEO

From the tracking system you will know the exact Pay per click campaign that is producing the calls. This will enable you make the necessary decisions on improving your SEO so that your services will be accessible to more people.


  1. Makes it easy to Compare Advertising Channels

If you are using different channels to run ads, you will know the best channel that is producing the most calls. This will enable you abandon those which are less effective. This in one additional reason why a business may use call tracking.


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