25 Oct

How To Respond To Bad Reviews

How to Respond To Bad Reviews

People will comment about the quality of services you offer them. Sometimes a customer may not be fully satisfied with the services that he got from you and he ends up offering bad reviews online. This will be a setback in your struggle to attract more customers online. Many people nowadays will take to social media to appreciate good services which they were offered or just to express their displeasure, you should be ready and take both positive and negative comments which you will receive positively. After you become open and take the comments positively, they will form a basis of your research which will make it very easy for you to improve your services and products so that you will meet the needs of many people.


Tips on how to respond to bad reviews

Respond appropriately

After reading bad reviews about your service in general or one of your employees you may be tempted to claim the commentator is wrong. But, that should not be the case. Avoid at all costs trying to prove the commentator wrong. It will create a bad image in front of many potential customers. You should always respond in professional manner. Just let the commentator know you are sorry for his displeasure and promise to do something. He may be wrong or right, you should then carry out your research to know why the commentator was not satisfied. Showing remorse for lack of satisfaction to the commentator will make other potential customers develop trust in your services and products.


Be brief when responding to bad reviews

Avoid giving detailed explanations about your company when responding bad reviews online. For instance, you may be offering medical services and one of your past clients is not fully satisfied. After he gives his comments online complaining about one of your employees, even if the employee has bad records, you should avoid cases where you will end up discussing about the employee online. You will end up exposing your business as the one that hires incompetent professionals. Always be short and tell the complainant you are sorry with what may have gone wrong. You should end your respond by letting him know you will get back to him via phone call. This will show you really care for your customers.


Take the Conversation Offline

After you have received bad reviews, just request the commentator to reach you via your contact numbers so that you will arrange on how to sort the issue recommended you read. This will avoid cases where you will be discussing matters online which will make other potential customers shy away from your business. Who knows, the commentater may become emotional which will tempt you to reciprocate. This will not help in protecting the image of your business online. Your social media presence is very important, in order to grow your business, you should consider hiring someone who will be responding to comments online as soon as they are made. This is necessary if you are too busy in your daily routine. Ignoring comments will portray bad image about your business


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